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Eleven Amazing Facts about Bamboo

Bamboo is truly a wonder of nature. It's a sustainable resource that's able to give food, clothing and shelter to billions of people around the world. Bamboo is used to make an incredibly vast number of useful products. Best of all Bamboo helps to protect the environment while it grows. Here are Eleven amazing facts about Bamboo.   Fact Number one: Bamboo is a grass You might think Bamboo is a Tree because it can grow so large and it has a tough woody stem like a Tree Trunk. However Bamboo is actually the largest member of the Grass Family....
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Irish Times: 16 steps to making your home greener and cosier – From soap nuts to solar panels, how you can keep the green theme alive at home

Houseplants can remove up to 90 per cent of toxins and dangerous chemicals within 24 hours according to Nasa research. Baby rubber plants will absorb various carcinogenic toxins and replace them with fresh oxygen; bamboo palm will also deal with toxins while humidifying the air, and aloe vera can remove formaldehyde, which along with benzene and trichloroethylene are the main harmful chemicals off-gassed by synthetic substances. One plant per 9.3sq m (100sq ft) is the recommended amount to decrease your risk of cancers, asthma, allergies, autoimmune disorders and other diseases. Keep the leaves clean for maximum absorption of air particles....
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Irish Examiner: Is VirtueBrush the answer to plastic toothbrushes and their environmental impact?

Kehlan Kirwan talks with Dylan Regan, creator of the VirtueBrush, a toothbrush made from bamboo and charcoal nylon, created to answer the environmental question of plastic toothbrushes and their impact on our land and seas. What is VirtueBrush? VirtueBrush is a sustainable plant-based bamboo toothbrush made with a 100% Moso bamboo handle. From that point of view, it’s a favourable alternative to the plastic toothbrushes that can’t be recycled. That plastic often ends up in the landfill or makes its way into our waterways and causing damage to our environment. Toothbrushes look like small innocent little items that help us...
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Irish Times: VirtueBrush: clean teeth with a clear conscience? An Irish company is creating a sustainable toothbrush made of Moso bamboo

As you clean your teeth on sleepy autopilot, it’s unlikely that the sustainability of your toothbrush is uppermost in your mind. But it should be, according to entrepreneur Dylan Regan, the man behind the newly launched VirtueBrush “green” bamboo toothbrush. “Most plastic toothbrush handles can’t be recycled. This is very troubling considering how many millions are discarded each month,” he says. “Plastic toothbrushes ultimately end up in landfill and clogging our seas and waterways, damaging delicate aquatic ecosystems.” All very well, I hear you say, but what’s the alternative? According to Regan it’s Moso bamboo, and he has designed and...
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