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Recommending plastic-free section in every shop as a solution to the plastic pollution problem

VirtueBrush is a member of ‘The Plastic Pollution Coalition’. Part of our obligation as a member of this coalition is to advocate for the reduction and elimination of unnecessary disposable plastics.

We recently started a petition in Ireland recommending major supermarkets introduce a plastic-free aisle in every store. This mirrors similar campaigns in other countries. As of this writing 2,424 people have signed this petition. We also did a survey with a random sample of  people who  signed the petition. The overall consensus is overwhelmingly positive toward the idea. Full survey results and original petition text can be viewed at the end of this article.

The plastic pollution problem is a complicated one. There are a number of players in the mix which includes the manufacturers, the retailers and the final consumer. Each one of these stakeholders has a part to play in solving the plastic pollution problem.

Clearly if the manufacturer didn’t make the plastic there wouldn’t be a problem. However in the absence of banning laws for the time being there is an onus of responsibility on retailers and consumers to take steps to address the plastic pollution problem.

There is a large consumer demand for plastic free or almost 100% plastic free options today. It could be compared to the Healthy Living consumer revolution or an extension of that.

With the advent of social media people are now fully informed about the plastic pollution problem. Just because BBC or RTE are not giving the plastic pollution problem as much attention as C02 driven Global Warming does not mean the general population is not aware how serious this issue is.

People are becoming more and more aware and thankfully there is a huge interest now in solving the plastic pollution problem.




This represents a large business opportunity for Retailers to provide more plastic free options for customers.

This is why a plastic-free aisle or section in every store/shop makes sense.

People want the plastic-free option. The demand is there.

Retailers would now be wise to capitalise on this business opportunity.

As it proves popular the space for plastic-free options could be increased over time.

This would give more incentive to manufacturers to switch to biodegradable options.

The plastic-free space would encourage more innovation in the plastic-free category.

This would stimulate new business creation and employment.

Given time it could become a big part of the solution to the plastic pollution problem.




To: The CEO’s of Ireland’s Major Supermarkets (Tesco, SuperValu, Dunnes Stores, Aldi and Lidl)

Tell Supermarkets to create plastic-free aisle in every store

To recommend a plastic-free aisle in every store to prevent tons of waste packaging ending up in the world’s oceans.

Why is this important?

Around 300 million tons of plastic are produced globally each year, yet just 12 per cent is recyclable [1]

Furthermore there are natural biodegradable alternatives to plastics available today so their ever increasing use can no longer be justified.

The Feb. 2016 ‘New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the future of plastics’ report analysis indicates (i) that 95% of the value of plastic packaging material, worth $80-120 billion annually, is lost to the economy, and (ii) that, on the current track, there could be more plastics than fish in the ocean (by weight) by 2050.

The most important voice of reason that a supermarket can hear is that of the customer. By signing this petition you are helping to get the message across to key decision makers in the grocery sector that you no longer want to be part of the planetary plastic problem. That you want alternatives so this massive problem can finally start to be addressed, so future generations have a cleaner world to live in free from the dangers that a plastic filled ocean represents.

There is a large demand for plastic free options so retailers should benefit if facilitating this for customers. Retailers who take a lead on this should see increased brand value, positive word of mouth and greater customer loyalty.

The need for innovation in this area will spur job creation and new inventions that will be good for the economy too.

It is clear to see now that proper disposal of plastic is a burden on all parties involved, particularly for the natural environment that is already starting to break under the burden.

The situation with plastics has gotten way out of hand and it is up to all parties involved to act now.

[1] http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/02/10/supermarkets-urged-create-plastic-free-aisle-every-store/


How would would you feel if a Plastic Free Aisle was introduced in your local supermarket?

Wonderful! It would be grand to not have it all around us, especially when having to fight to open things up.
I would buy from this aisle over any other, first time every time
Very happy
Very happy
I’d be delighted
I would be delighted. I wouldn’t have to take them out of the little plastic trays and bags to put them in my fridge.
Delighted. I continuously wonder at the amount of unnecessary plastic on products. I’ve seen the damage plastic does to animals, roadsides, rivers, oceans, seas etc. we need to stop the madness
It would be great and would be the first place I would check out.
Very positive
Very pleased
I’d see it as a sign that these campaigns are reaching mainstream businesses
Fantastic about time!!
It would become my preferred supermarket immediately
I think it would be very novel and would help people think about plastic and how and why the use it.It would allow a space to show other ways of packing goods.
I would be delighted and would purchase as much as was available to me plastic free
Elated, a step in the right direction.
Very pleased
I think it is a great idea and I support it
Happy, I don’t even mind taking boxes with me for refills, perhaps paper packaging, recycled even, most of us take of the plastic as soon as we get home anyway. Surely paper is cheaper too
I would be delighted
Delighted. I will have more choice in produce without having to take plastic home with me.
Love it
I would be very enthusiastic about this.I feel the experience of shopping today with fruit and veg in plastic containers very frustrating.I am hugely concerned about the environmental consequences. It is not convienient at all if anything it is a huge inconvenience for people to have to constantly dispose of this packaging and I also feel these containers are a breeding ground for bacteria.
It would be brilliant, I would choose to buy from a plastic free aisle.
I would shop there more often
over the moon
I think it would be great and to start in a supermarket would be amazing. Everyone does some bit of shopping in a supermarket so even to get people talking about it would be fantastic.
I’d be delighted and reassured that something constructive was being done
I would certainly take advantage of it and i feel that it would demonstrate that it is perfectly possible.
Delighted: I could shop with impunity
Would love it.
Extremely happy
Great! Would definitely make me shop there
I would welcome a plastic free aisle
Very positively about the supermarket and more likely to spend my money there!
Be great
Really good
I would be very pleased
Good idea
Happy to be helping the environment
Happy that supermarket is willing to change
I should be delighted
More likely to shop there
It would incourage me to shop there as it would make me feel like they were being more responsible.
I think that this would be an excellent initiative
As I envisage it it would be very slow. I do like the concept tho.
I’d be thrilled
More inclined to shop there regularly
I think it is very important to reduce plastic waste so I would be happy
I would support it
Positive. I would make sure to visit the aisle and see just how much produce needs no plastic.
I’d be very happy to see it. It would be a good start in the process of eliminating plastic packaging.
I would feel good about anything supermarkets would do to help protect the environment.
It would be a step in the right direction… I’d love it and only shop in this part.
A plastic free aisle would be a great idea
Excited, it would demonstrate to all shoppers a world we used to know, before we had excess packaging
I would feel good about that.
Fantastic I try to go bag free whenever I can
I would support it and preferentially use that shop and that isle
I would be happy to shop in my local supermarket and eliminate my contribution to plastic overuse, waste and pollution at the same time.
Delighted, it is frustrating to have no choice sometimes when you can only buy highly packaged goods.
Extremely pleased
I would generally welcome it, some exceptions are needed.
I would appreciate it greatly.
I would feel the supermarket was making an effort to cut down on waist
I would be very happy and think ,finally something is happening to help the planet.
Delighted. The amount of unnecessary plastic in supermarkets is unacceptable and really alarming to those of us concerned about our environment and where all this plastic ultimately ends up – either in land fills or our seas and oceans.
I would be proud of my community.
I’d love it. I would go directly there and get everything I could without packaging. I’d say it would also make me more aware of how much packaging there usually is.
Excellent news
I’d love it
Surprised but pleased.
Domestic bin charge lower
I think it would be good however I think instead of having a dedicated isle every type of product on sale should be offered with a plastic free packaging opption . We need to introduce supermarkts where you can bring your own conatainers and just buy what you need. These exist in Canada.
I would want not only an aisle but preferably as little plastic packaging as possible. I would feel wonderful to see that come true.
Great; progress at last
It would be a great start but the aim should be to have as wastefree a supermarket as possible. One aisle is not enough.
Relieved!! And I would buy as much as I can there.
I would be delighted
extremely happy
This would be amazing! I would definitely make good use of such an aisle if it were introduced. I worry about the negative effect plastic is having on the environment and do my best to buy items that are plastic free. However, this is sometimes difficult. A plastic-free aisle would be such a help.
Very good
I think it would be great!
I’d welcome it
I think its a great idea, we use too much plastic, packaging should be replaced with cardboard or other to recycle.
Fantastic as I am a part of Zero Waste movement.
It would be a welcome beginning.
Good move
Delighted and hopeful.
I would be delighted. They is too much plastic packaging. Too many food types that are not necessary.
I would love to be able to buy fruit and veg products without all the packaging.
I think it would be a hugely positive move
one positive step down a long road
I would be happy and go straight there first thing when shopping
I would think: “Great! At last!”
Pleased, happy, excited, positive
It would be really good news. I feel very uneasy about all the plastic generated by supermarkets.
very positive. A big step in the right direction
much freer
A step in the right direction for conserving the planet
I would be delighted that moves are being made to lessen the amount of plastic waste we create
Happy that finally someone was realising the amount of waste packaging involved in food stuffs.
I would be pleased that the supermarket management were taking steps towards reducing their environmental impact and were providing consumers such as myself with more choices.
I would be happy
Like I’m making huge difference in our world
I’d love it.
A start.
Oui bien sur but of course yes
Having a Plastic Free Aisle would be an incredible, positive and forward thinking achievement for Irish supermarkets.
I would like a plastic free world … so an aisle would be a good start!
I would be delighted, I would feel less guilty for the damage plastic causes, and I would look extremely favourably toward the retailer
I would be very happy
Really great
Delighted. I have moved some of my shopping away from my the supermarket to my local veg shop to reduce the plastic I take home.
It think it would be great.
I would love it.
much prefer it. would definitely shop there
Very happy
It would greatly influence what I bought and I would be so happy to have this as a choice and feel it was a positive move in the right direction
I would be very enthusiastic about it.
I would be very happy.
I would be very happy. For example I like to shop organic fruit and veg if I can, but I find its always wrapped in plastic at the supermarket, so I’ll choose none organic fruit not wrapped in plastic for this reason, I would be a much happier customer if I could get none plastic wrapped organic produce!
Feel great
Great. Just one aisle is not enough
Delighted, would be much easier to shop
I would welcome it
Would be great.
I’d feel great. I would feel empowered as a consumer to make better choices, I would have more respect for the retailer that is being conscious and responsible, and I would feel reassured that the retailer cares about giving its customers better choices.
That would be great. I’d do as much of my shopping in it as possible
I would love this
I would be very happy to see this. The sooner the better.
I’d love to see it happening
It would be awesome! Would make zero waste much easier for people to achieve.
yes it would impress me
Be very inclined to shop there and support the shop.
Wonderful idea
I would be very pleased to see such an improvement as a shopper and the positive impact this will have on the environment.
A good step in the right direction and giving a choice to the consumer. Many supermarkets do not offer package-free vegetables and fruits to the customer. It may require some form of supervision from staff and certainly notices to customers not to damage the produce – this is the excuse that many supermarkets use for using plastic packaging. Not all consumers may be as conscious as the people filling in this survey!

How do you imagine a Plastic Free Aisle?

wholesome looking
Not sure, but i know it's possible. The only concern is that plastic is great at keeping liquids in. And and not as breakable as glass.
The best for our environment
Old fashioned supermarket set up obviously with no plastic containers or bags and old fashioned glass.
Full of lots of different goods packaged in plastic free wrappers
Not sure
Veg in boxes, even washed salads, paper bags, waxed paper boxes for salads? grains, nuts etc in containers with scoops. Refill taps for detergents? And other liquids.
Natural & non polluting
It would consist of fresh fruit and veg with no plastic trays beneath them or plastic bags. There could be glass bottles instead of plastic ones. Items like bread could be in re-cycled paper whilst other items could be in re-cycled cardboard.
More fruit and veg displayed for hand picking into reusable containers. More like a market. More recycled cardboard. More possibilities of refilling existing containers.
feel good factor - knowing that I'm making a conscious decision to avoid unnecessary plastic packing and making a difference to the plastic pollution problem.
food arranged in open boxes/bins with paper bags or customers own containers
Fruit, vegetables, cereals, breads, lots of dry goods.
A space that allows you to bring your own containers and refill from supermarket stock
I don't imagine an aisle - I imagine plastic free items to be scattered throughout the shop. I do not want to see options to choose plastic free or plasticky. I want a systematic replacement of products packaged in single use plastic replaced with plastic free alternatives.
Food in paper wrappers
paper-wrapped/no wrapping on goods - on shelves/ baskets
Seeing items as they actually are - free from a plastic barrier
Fruit and veg and other products as it should be shown
Automated dispensers pre set quantities light supervision and support incorporating station for donated plastic free containers plus sale of same by artisans
plenty of alternatives out there....cardboard for one
I imagine it as a sanctuary from the Plastic tsunami that engulfs us on a daily basis. A Plastics free aisle would be a great way to promote awareness of how we buy products. It could be a way of selling bulk products that minimise packaging . It could become an eco centre within a supermarket and could allow for demonstrations on how to reduce waste etc.It could provide a means for eco focused companies to engage with their customers .People could be incentivised to use biodegradable packaging by getting a small refund for reusing.
We would bring our own bags. It would be like it was years ago when we refilled glass bottles and kept twine and brown paper for use at a later date
Lots of single ingredient nutritional food.
When l was a younger person We all used bags of our own and placed the vegetables or whatever in them no need for plastic!
Bring containers or use compostable materials
I imagine it to have mostly cardboard and glass items
Most commonly bought items in paper packaging, marks and Spencer adorably wrap sandwiches in "plastic" made from sweetcorn
With difficulty
Product without plastic packaging.
Loose fruit and veg. Grains and breads that you put into containers that you bring with you, or into paper bags. My local healthfood store has something similar. Oats, rice,buglar and flour are all in big sacks and you take by the kilo.
Good fruit and veg displays, paper bags, less crap.
Especially Fruit & vegetables in large boxes where you pick your own.
No packaging
An aisle where customers could bring their own containers or choose from recycled cardboard or brown paper bags FOR THEIR GOODS
Fruit and vegetables would not be packaged unless in paper boxes or tied in bunches and other foods would be packaged in renewable packages.
Everything lightly packaged with paper/cardboard or no packaging if possible.
Every thing in recycled package
Rows of fruit and veg without packaging. If packaging is necessary, then alternative sustainable, biodegradable materials are used.
Rustic style
Just food unwrapped
I imagine crates of fruit and veg allowing you to choose your own items and paper bags provided.Loafs of bread loose pulses etc. I feel even a plastic free fruit and veg section would have a huge impact on the environment and also people's perception.
Loose items like fruit veg breads
fruit and veg loose, with rolls of paper bags, goods in biodegradable packaging
Where the only packaging is paper or recycleable cardboard
Big glass containers full of stuff I have my own containers filling them ,lovely
No packaging / similar to a market
Something like a fruit and vegetable stall. People could have their own reusable cartons like the bag for life. Shampoos, liquids and powders could come in dispensers and people could buy whatever volume or weight they wanted. Which would be handy if they had limited money at the time.
Fruit and veg that can be out in paper bags - how it used to be for years before we became overrun with plastic
Basically just what it says. Food would need to be genuinely fresh rather than preserved as if fresh. Packaging of any sort would be minimal and customers would be encouraged to bring their own 'packaging'. I would like to see large vats of things like household cleaners that could deliver measurable amounts into containers that the customer brings.
Not sure: less packaging
Organic and timeless. An old fashioned but chic image.
Glass and cardboard containers of all shapes and sizes.
loose produce
alternative material for wet stuff, unpacked fruit and veg, glass for liquids
Fruit & veg in baskets, nuts, grains, pasta and pulses in dispensers. Scales with the option to tare your own containers should be available at the checkout instead of on the aisle as this avoids the need to print off labels so allows for 100% zero waste shopping.
"all fruit & veg in crates, option of paper bags - but better if people get used to bringing their own. Include all baking products in paper wrapping.
further campaign would be needed to lobby companies who wrap goods in plastic"
Scoops provided from which to put items into your own bags and dispensers from which you can fill your own, reused bottles.
Bulk bins and encouragement to bring your own containers
Generic packaging
Loose items Eg fruit veg. Pay by weight or number. Items in boxes or paper. Recyclable packaging where necessary
Fruit and vegetables free of packaging, or, where necessary, using cardboard or paper packaging.
Minimal packaging,recycled cardboard or paper packing
Much less packaging in general. Paper and cardboard as needed
Veg loose, no plastic
I would imagine there being a number of these aisles; one in the dairy section- plastic yoghurt pots have always annoyed me as they usually aren't even recyclable!!, and another in the dry foods section. Using biodegradeable materials as packaging, they would be advertised very thoughtfully and cleverly so as to appeal to people and not to seem patronising.
Full of fruit, vegetables and other products that don't need any wrapping or at least not plastic wrapping
Loose products which can be put in a bag for life.
Cardboard or loose products more appealing might try new products too
Cardboard and easily recycled plastic
Fruit and vegetables loose, not pre-packed in plastic containers, or cakes in cardboard boxes, likewise Easter eggs in cardboard boxes, without all that unnecessary plastic, as was the case years ago.
Only cardboard and tin produce
More glass items.boxed pasta etc
Loose vegetables and dry goods and liquid packaged in glass or cardboard, or in bulk quantities that one could fill reusable containers with
Maybe containing large containers from which reusable bottles can be brought back to store and refilled. More products in glass, which can be recycled. Loose products. Wrapping can be more card - maybe like envelope style, instead of plastic where appropriate.
I hoped you'd tell me! I could leave all my wrapping behind me?
with difficulty. I can easily imagine fruit and veg. I guess it would mostly fresh food that can be wrapped with paper. Items packed in paper and card boxes etc
Bursting with fresh produce I can smell and touch
Use your own containers
Like the fruit and veg section or breads, where you could bring your own bag to pick out items, or with paper bags
All food products stored loosely with origin information clearly displayed. Where feasible, change pricing schemes to price per item instead of by weight. Paper bags provided for self-bagging. Information displayed stating how much the shopper is saving due to lack of plastic packaging.
Fruit and vegetables not boxed or wrapped. Encouraging ways to help people make the change to using less and creating less waste.
Products unpacked, in baskets on the shelves. Where packaging is still needed other materials could be used, such as paper and cardboard from recycled sources.
Cardboard and paper alternatives
All displayed goods wrapped in paper
With help yourself tubs of nuts, seeds, grains and pasta that would allow you to fill your own tubs
Products would be displayed without any plastic packaging - recycled paper/cardboard packaging would be used. Recycled paper bags/containers would be available or customers would bring their own clearly visible containers
Loose Vegetables, cardboard boxes, butchers wrapping meat in paper, glass bottles, all of which are recyclable or can be burnt
More artisan look and feel, produce perhaps in wooden crates. For things that might require a bag, brown paper all the way, a focus on freshness, feels closer to nature, with a lot less processing between the food source and the consumer. Option to bring your own containers, pre weigh and pay by weight
Not really sure.
Loose items, glass, brown bags
Either with paper or cardboard. Especially the produce aisle, paper bags and loose weigh yourself produce.
Well im imagining canned and carboard packaging
boxes of various fruit & veg, where possible from local producers
Loose goods to pack in paper bags, goods sold in card/paper wrappers
An aisle offering a wide range of products from fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, legumes and much more where I can choose the quantity and use my own refillable bags and containers.
The easier items would be fruit and veg that are sold loose, with people using reusable or paper bags. But other items also, eg any packaged food that avoids plastic trays and wrappings (eg buscuitsbthat are sold in card boxes etc but without plastic trays inside)
Plastic free packaged items should be available for each and every range of products so perhaps rather than have an aisle there should be a plastic free section on each and every aisle including the chiller and frozen foods. This would make it easier for the business to accommodate and more convenient for the shopper. Specialised departments IE butchers, fruit and veg, bread and deli should also offer paper wrapping/bags instead of plastic.
Baskets of fresh produce
If packaging is required let it be paper (recycled) large wooden shelving and crates
I don't understand your question. Please elaborate
fruit veg with recycleable carpoard box for storage
Paper packaging or now packaging at all.
It could be used for perishables such as vegetables.Vegetables presented in bulk containers and paper bags could be used to wrap purchases. Other items such as nuts could be sold similarly. The wasteful BOGOF practice would be discouraged and it would encourage buying the quantities the customer needs. It would be less convenient ,perhaps but not overly so.
With lovely fresh organic produce and really busy with excited people!
products would be stored in easy access containers
I imagine brown paper bags available without going to the potato or bread section (Supervalu better than most!). I imagine fruit and vegetables as they used to be...no packaging. I imagine the opportunity to buy goods like barley, lentils and nuts loose from bins and weigh them. I imagine yoghurt in strong cardboard containers. I imagine a fish counter and a meat counter where loose goods are available.
More help yourself,weighing at till,like old grocer's
The easiest one is fruit & veg, some work has been done here to reduce plastic packaging and more could be done. Biodegradable paper bags could be used instead of plastic - especially the ones available for putting loose fruit & veg in. Biodegradable netting for fruit like oranges could also be used & more paper bags for potatoes instead of plastic. The dairy aisle could also use a lot more biodegradable packaging for milk, cream, yogurt than is current being used and the personal/baby care aisle likewise, nappies & nappy packaging for example.
the exact same as a plastic one, but without all that wasteful plastic packaging
All the goods are displayed like a french market and customers can bring their own bags, cardboard boxes or jars to carry their purchase.
I suppose it would be largely fruit and veg. It could be a weigh-your-own-items kind of thing. Plenty of items that don't need weighing too – melons, avocados, that sort of thing. Like in a fruit and veg shop, everything just in big boxes or baskets.
Paper cardboard packaging, biodegradable
full of dipensers where one could fill one's own containers
Goods in compartments, with paper or biodegradable packaging
No waste
Self service fruit and veg to start with
Paper bags and cartons. Recyclable plastic only, would also be acceptable.
Big containers where you could just pour what you need into your own container, weigh and then pay at the checkout. Would work for most products.
Not sure if need an actual aisle but plastic free versions of good as much as possible and plastic free versions of goods beside the plastic versions would be fine. eg. non-plastic courgettes beside courgettes wrapped in plastic. YOu would need to put signage to EXPLAIN why you are offering plastic free versions. They should not cost any more than the plastic versions
Like the good old shops where you could buy items separately and put them in a paper bag if required.
Vegetables and fruit loose with no packages
maybe with a info sheet to explain why
Veg and fruit where you can buy one carrot or one hundred. Paper bags rather than plastic. Or refillable / reusuable bags/bottles/containers available to buy or on deposit. Not sure how we deal with all uses of plastic but at least if it was recyclable plastic
loose veg and fruit not dearer than packaged as it is now. no plastic containers for milk etc no plastic film on cardboard and paper to give a shiny surface
Sorry - hard to imagine, apart from old-fashioned way things were loose in boxes or large jars. E.g. jars of biscuits and you could take a few from each (into paper bag) and be charged for weight? People could use rubber glove to pick (re-usable and wash regularly). Products like tea without their cellophane wrapping. Oils, soy sauce etc. in glass bottles.
I would love to see bulk dispensers for staple foods such as grains, cereal, nuts ....because it is practically impossible to find these plastic free.
with recycled paper packaging if necessary
Wooden or woven boxes filled with produce. Other consumer goods that tick the criteria that are psckaged in paper or card such as eggs, certain cereals.
Biodegradable or own containers
Largely fresh foods - loose fruit and veg, fresh bread and cakes, fresh delicatessen goods - all with paper bags / waxed paper wrap for cheese; plus some shelves with glass jars and bottles with metal tops, canned goods, tetra pack milk/ juices etc.
all produce in carton or natural materials, organic produce without packaging
With lots of containers containing nuts, oils, cereals
"My ideal Plastic Free Aisle would include;
- packaging-free fruit and vegetables
- bulk bins with pasta, rice, grains, cereals and nuts etc
- bulk bins for items like liquid-soup and laundry detergent"
That products would be contained in cardboard or paper containers if necessary
Full of paper bags. Large containers of rice/pasta that customers can pick from, using their own containers that they brought from home.
Tubs of produce where you bring your own containers to fill
Difficult. Probsbly would have to be fruit, veg, nuts and seeds presented so that people can weigh into brown papr bags or bring their own refill containers.
That the packaging is recyclable.
Packed with customers only
Fruit and veg,cheese, meat etc with option of paper wrapping if needed.
Filled with loose fruit & veg recyclable glass jars and tins
All fresh fruit and veg to be loose and to be put into trolley. Where packaging is needed ie.mushrooms paper bags could be used. Breads also loose and paper wrapper provided for hygiene purposes.
With no plastic
paper bags for products
its hard to imagine theres so much plastic on everything we buy
Self-serve bulk dispensers
Beautiful fresh produce in wicker baskets and paper bags for those who need them. I always bring my own.
Dispensers of dried goods such as pasta, rice, beans, pulses, seeds, nuts where customers can fill their own reusable containers/bags. I've seen this work very successfully in smaller shops. Also unwrapped fruit and vegetables.
Fruit and veg loose like a market
foods wrapped in paper or unpackaged foods
Not pictured really
I've noticed a lot of plastic packaging that contain seeds, nuts, fruit, etc - is this really necessary and do they actually sell all the products before their sell by date?
Environmentally friendly
giving choice to consumers. showing it can be done with initiative and good will
The way things are in market stalls etc
Zero plastic packaging in sight
More fresh local produce
biodegradable packaging
An aisle with no plastic packaged products
Fresh fruit and veg with no plastic, grains such as rice with no plastic, fresh fish and meats you can put straight into a reusable lunch box, paper bags and reusable cloth bags available for fruit veg and grains
I imagine it colourful and attractive with signs reminding you to bring your own bags or containers. Or selling reusable containers.
Either products are sold in non-plastic packaging, or ideally they are sold to the customer via large containers from which the customer removes what they need into a non-plastic container to take home
I think it has to start with fruit and vegetables as they used to be, where we pack our own (into our recycleable bags) instead of everything prepacked.
Food on sale sold by weight
A person employed to weigh out and price the fruit and veg. Encourage shoppers to bring containers for meat fish, etc. cheese paper for cheese. Bottles brought back for milk and soft drinks. Fill your own for washing up liquid oil etc
with good marketing explaining what it means.
Open bins and weighing machines, paper bags or own bags/containers from home
packaging only where essential and using cardboard or paper, or biodegradeable plastic if absolutely neccessary. Bring back glass rather than plastic bottles.
better able to see what you are buying
No plastic at all for pack offers, loose fruit n veg, butchers counter/chill cabinet with paper packaging. Possible fungi based packaging. If plastic used must be recyclable.ie frozen food bags, dog biscuit bags (currently non-recyclable).
Exactly that, plastic free. People would have baskets to put the items in after weighing them.
Clean and self service choosing from large containers to using paper bags.
An aisle which has tubs of products such as cereals, nuts, pasta etc which a customer can dispense into their own reusable container and pay for by weight, as with food from the salad bar. Alternatively, a fruit and veg aisle which only has loose products that will be packaged by the customer in recycled paper bags.
Lots of items no longer wrapped in plastic. Perhaps some paper bags for items that really need something to contain them. No ore packaged stuff more like pick and mix perhaps taking your own container/bag
An aisle with products not using plastic packaging
Healthy food with lots of plant based food options
Bulk foods bring your own containers
A bring your own bag area or paper bag facility.
No products in plastic bags. Products stacked loose or in foil, light wood
Goods would in bags or I would have my own container to fill from tubs or other bulk dispensers
Loads of produce without Plastic wrappers, Fruit and Vegetables priced by the quantity ,8 Apples for a euro € or 10 Carrots for a € euro etc.
I imagine a Plastic Free Aisle as the future of supermarkets, where sustainability and respect for our planet is at the forefront of consumers minds.
As many products as possible; given a choice I would choose plastic free any time although prices may sometimes be a problem (as with organic food) .
Long and varied, simple pay per weight system with same discounts as before - super 6, buy one get one free etc.
Glass packaging, items could be put in paper bags or customers own containers, refillable liquid dispensers, scoops for certain food stuffs.
A colourful display of fruit and veg, breads, dispensers with rice, lentils etc where you can use your own bags.
Fresh, unpackaged produce.
I'm not entirely sure. I think people could bring their own bags or containers for certain products that are currently packaged in plastic, or paper based packaging could be used instead.
Just like the old days, the product would be in big containers/ jars.
messier. but healthier
difficult to imagine. containers with scoops, cardboard, byo bags, containers
Hassle free and guilt free
Fruit and veg minus plastic, particularly organic. Also no prepacked cheese, cut and wrapped in wax paper as requested. Juice and milk in glass. Loose pulses with reusable cloth bags available to buy, loose coffee beans. Offer cloth nappies as an alternative and cloth wipes for wash and reuse. So many things thast can be offered plastic free.
I imagine creative wrapping solutions which could really add to the expereince and spread the word. and buying things with no wrapping would be like taking a step back in time or abroad. We do so much plastic in shops here.
Somewhere with no extra packaging. Somewhere that you can fill your own containers or opt for paper bags.
Loose fruit and Veg. Glass jars are preferable to plastic. But the ideal is to use my own bags and containers and the store to facilitate this.
Loose fruit/veg in baskets, dry grains/pulses in bulk. People using their own containers. Scales that allow to weigh container first etc
How you would see food presented at a market.
Loose products: you can bring your own recipients, recyclable packaging,
Less waste and cleaner products
Full of fresh produce sold package free
Much less processed food, paper alternatives, able to use own containers
Vegetables and fruit should be left loose, however some bags would be needed for filling
Basic and minimum packaging.
"healthy and protecting our planet
Fruit and vegetables sold loose with no plastic, nets, or stickers. Dry goods in self-serve bins or dispensers. Liquids in self-serve vats. Informational panels introducing and explaining the concept to those who might not be familiar. Guidance on how to use the self-serve facilities, how to tare containers if people bring their own. Paper bags only. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff to help and encourage. Discounts or loyalty points for using packaging free products or for using your own containers.
An Aisle where things are either in bulk so people can bring their own containers for refill or the packaged products are in glass/plain cardboard/paper containers
Jars, cardboard, nets and paper
plastic free - loose products in containers with a valve so people cannot put their heads inside where the produce is
fresh produce, meat, fruit and vegetables. pulses lentils etc. Juices. Peple would bring their own containers and refill.
Loose fruit n veg, bulk buy items eg nuts, oats, lentils etc and anything else that has to come in packaging to be in paper, compostable material or reusable/returnable glass
Loose items especially veg with no plastic packaging.
Less packaging overall. Refill opportunities to own reusable containers
Goods that can be purchased in reusable containers. Oils, milks, wine, toiletries, dry and liquid goods of all sorts in dispensers.
Same as it used to be you get food you need and weight it on scales you can use own packaging for that
An aisle with no un necessary packaging where you can fill up your own reusable containers.
Lots of fresh produce, products and food!
Loose fruit and vegetables. Nuts dried fruit etc like pick and mix.
With paper or cardboard to carry items; although meats+fish would be a problem.
Spoons,serving utensils and surfaces so people could pack and weigh their own veg etc
in recycled bags on recycled wooden shelves as plastic pollutes
Recyclable brown paper bags/small brown cardboard boxes to fill fruit with.
Bulk with dispensers and people bring their own containers
I imagine more self service with combustible containers provided
paper/card packaging and signage,
Fruit and vegetables displayed in individual layers on stacked trays, not on top of each other to avoid squashing; Scoop bins for products such as rice, nuts, cereals, etc. with country of origin, price per kilo and best before date displayed - brown [recycled?] paper bags for weighing ; Large containers to allow for liquid refills for washing-up, clothes detergents, cleaning detergents, etc.
paper bags to pack your choice/s

Why is a Plastic Free Aisle important?

It raises awareness of plastic volumes produced
The Planet, Mother Earth, and all of us need it desperately, especially our poor, suffering oceans
Less pollution better of the environment
Cos it starts with one aisle and when its successful more will follow and then that will become the new norm.
To be able to clearly choose to buy them
I want to remove all single use plastic items from my life
There is too much waste
Our seas are littered with plastic bottles as are our roads. less rubbish basically. Plastic also leaks chemicals.
Plastic pollutes, kills and destroys. Plastic has a long life.
too much packaging , mostly unnecessary, hides what you are buying!
Same reason as getting rid of plastic bags was important.
We desperately need to reduce the amount of paper & plastic we use as it all goes into the bin once products are used!
Because we need to reduce the amount of plastic entering our oceans and littering our landscapes
Plastic is not recyclable nor easy to dispose of
its a first step to what should become a broader movement to ban plastics and once only packaging
Because the world is drowning in plastic and it needs to stop
There is no need for lots of the plastic packaging and sometime double packaging
We are unknowingly for the most part at war with plastic poisoning of the vast majority of species on a now global scale
Responsible shopping
It's the message that says it doesn't have to be plastic. There are other ways,...,
Because we dont need plastic on our food. Its wasteful and only exists because companies felt it was a good idea and the companies are made rich in producing all the plastic we use but dont actually need
To stop unnecessary hardship on the environment.
We have to move away from plastic it's toxic to our world
To create a sustainable world
There is too much plastic on this planet and it is not biodegradable. Every week at the beach I see tons of plastic washed up and it is having an impact on nature. We need to cut down on plastic. It is not always necessary to buy items with plastic packaging.
Plastic is just a blight on our natural reserves and judging from landfill and sea pollution we are heading towards a massive and likely expensive problem
Plastic isn't being recycled, so it needs to be removed from the market place
It all ends up in the bin. Little is recyclable.
Reduce the amount of plastic that we're all using.
To eliminate unnecessary waste going into landfill.
It would cut down greatly on the amount of plastic that goes into to waste bins every week. It would also cut down on the cost of having to have it collected. The environment would be much better place without it.
Reduces abuse of planet
For the environment
it would be a step to reducing plastic packaging and raise awareness. it would give people an opportunity and CHOICE.
Reduces household, catering and municipal waste reducing the rate at which dumps increase in size and reduces the necessity of incineration or other toxic forms of waste handling.
Vital to reduce fossil fuel use (in plastic production) to curb climate change and to reduce plastic garbage (which never breaks down) in the oceans which is harmful to marine life, and ultimately to us.
Plastic is not biodegradable and is harmful to wildlife and poisons the soil.
We waste so much unnecessary packaging. We need to stop throwing plastic in the bin.
Better for the planet
Don't trust it's credentials
The effects on the environment are astronomical,there is close to zero choice in supermarkets today of buying a non packaged item.I feel I and many others resent this lack of choice and would embrace a change.
Eliminates unneeded packaging allows smaller batches to be bought saves money on my waste disposal
because plastic leaches into our food and damages our environment
It's a start towards reducing plastic in the environment to zero
The Future
Too much single use plastic
There is way too much packaging used today there are islands of plastic floating in the sea. We would be helping the environment which in turn helps us and animals that are killed or injured from plastic. A plastic free aisle isn't going to stop it but it will make people more aware and everyone likes a bargain so when they see they are saving money on packaging they won't be long liking the idea.
Duh! Because until "clean" biodegradable packaging is used, we're going to keep polluting our oceans and creating toxic landfills
Both the manufacturing and the disposal of plastic is problematic and should be used sparingly and not just for convenience
Humans need to reduce packaging
There are alternatives to pollutants.
We do not need to use unsustainable coverings for all our purchases.
There is too much of it everywhere. It is taken for granted
microplastic and chemicals most dangerous, we eat the fish, ground fish as food for livestock. it´s in the foodchain. and destroys deepwater life already
Because we need to stop producing plastic but this is impossible without giving consumers an option
to start another level of awareness towards reducing plastic and so encourage some entrepreneurs may think about new ways of wrapping goods.
Because we need to find a solution straight away to over packaging and plastic waste.
To reduce pollution and costs of waste disposal
Less waste. More friendly for environment
Because it would cut down significantly on the amount of waste plastic packaging.
People need to be shown an alternative
Plastic is doing huge damage to eco systems
We need this planet and this might be a tiny start to not damaging it
I think it's a part of gradually moving away from plastics in the food industry. It would go some way to normalise the absence of plastic for people in their day to day lives which is the goal in my opinion, to open their eyes to the viable alternatives to plastic.
Too much plastic is being used. Most things do not need to be wrapped
There is too much packaging. Disposal of it is expensive and environmentally dangerous.
Because we don't need plastic paper or glass or loose better for the food and our planet
Encourages shoppers to think more about environment and hopefully begin to change their habits. We need to reduce/stop unnecessary use of plastic.
Because plastic is not biodegradable, it persists in the environment, where it breaks up mechanically or may become degraded by exposure to light & ends up floating in our oceans.
Better the environment
Too many plastic's can't be recycled (green bin) & must be saved and dropped to speciality plant. This would give me less packaging.
Because although we have become accustomed to excessive plastic packaging it is wholly unnecessary and is causing excessive waste and pollution
The amount of plastic being used is not necessary and it is a start to reducing usage and reducing waste and negative effects on environment
It might go some way towards Awareness, proprietors and customers of plastic mountains created; actually cut down on plastic
I'm so sick of all the packaging. It's endless and even though I recycle I'm not really sure it's making a difference. I feel surrounded by rubbish and packaging and a plastic free aisle is the beginning of tackling this.
So people are fully aware of alternatives to plastic
Need to ban short-term use plastic due to environmental concerns-direct killing animals and indirect poisoning/illness via microplastics.
Reduce waste, carbon footprint
To reduce unnecessary waste, for the environment (particularly marine where most plastic waste ends up) and to reduce plastic that I don't want or need when I buy items in supermarkets
Consumers don't think about alternative realities unless presented with the option. Consumers don't appreciate the extra cost involved in conventional packaging. Consumers don't realise the impact to the environment.
We need to start moving tin the direction of using less plastic and creating less waste.
Pollution and oil are reduced and more recycling is possible
Any initiative to reduce the use of plastic is important
Plastic on everything is unsustainable and bad for our seas and environment. Quite often it's also completely unnecessary
Plastic is creating pollution that is damaging our environment
Because it is nearly impossible to recycle plastic.
Way too much of the wrong type of plastic, mixed messages on packaging means it can be unclear as to recyclability. People seem to have little general awareness as to the impact of our disposal culture. Creating a public 'window/aisle' would also create the possibility to educate on the impacts
Plastic, especially plastic waste, causes much harm to the environment as well as much harm to Animals in the environment, especially Animals in the oceans (and in other bodies of water).
Sends a message we don't need plastic everything
Despite recycling all I can, my refuse is still full of unrecyclable plastic packaging.
Plastics are a curse on this planet
reduce waste, pollution
Plastic is not bio-degradable, it is hard to compact at home, it is sometimes hard to handle as it is so smoothe
Food in particular is over packaged. A carton of tomatoes for example is packaged in a hard plastic container, then covered in a soft, non recyclable wrapping. If I decide to buy loose vegetables I must place them in a non recyclable bag. This plastic ends up in landfill where it chokes the earth for ever as it does not biodegrade. Our oceans are full of plastic waste some of which ends up back in the food chain after having been consumed by fish. I do not want to eat a diet full of chemicals. I do not want to fill the earth and the oceans with harmful plastics.
There is far too much plastic waste in the world. It is having devastating impacts in the oceans, and its manufacture is contributing to climate change. As a consumer I can only 'vote' with my purchase choices, but if supermarkets are not giving this choice between plastic and plastic free options, my ability to send a signal to the market is taken away. I believe that manufacturers can and will respond to consumers demand for plastic free products - but this can only happen if there is the choice. A plastic free aisle would be a great first atep to showing the demand for less packaging.
It is essential if we are to reduce the amount of plastic we consume as the vast majority of household plastic is a direct result of food and household purchases from supermarkets etc.
You have a choice!
Plastic is used when not necessary especially for fruit and veg which already have skin or peel. plastic is very bad for sea life, everytime I go to the beach I pick up the plastic I see.
We need to get serious about protecting or resources. Using throw away plastic packaging just to bulk up a product is no longer acceptable
Important to reduce the manufacturing of plastic packaging and goods for the benefit of our environment.
it would reduce plastic waste and encourage better awareness of the impact plastic has in the environment. It would make consumer more aware of their individual requirements rather than buying the quantities pre packaged by the supermarkets.
Because Plastic sucks and there's actually no need for it in alot of cases
it would help in stopping the damage that is destroying oceans
Plastic is made from oil. Plastic degrades slowly and pollutes our environment. Some plastics are ingested.
It's the dependency on plastic. We have glass and paper, plastic is often not degradable
We are just collecting more and more waste, without a proper strategy for dealing with it - Scandinavia leads the way here. We have nowhere to put that waste - our most sophisticated solution is to dig a hole and bury it. A plastic free aisle is important in helping us to address this issue by showing that supermarkets who are responsible for selling a lot of these items are providing some leadership in addressing the issue of where this waste ends up. It also gives individuals the option of choosing and sends the message to FMCG companies that they need to change their approach and prioritise our environment when considering package design, etc.
It is our responsibility to stop the plastic plague which is destroying our planet
Because plastic is everywhere and it's really bad for environment. It's impossible to destroy plastic, it lasts forever and nature get sick because of it, there is too many plastic in our life, too many in the oceans, on the sides of the roads, that's unacceptable !
It truly is obscene, the countless tonnes of plastic that is manufactured from fossil materials, used once and then put into landfill (or sometimes recycled). It is a completely needless and stupid waste.
Because so much plastic ends up in the sea, river and enormous amount of waste
there is too much plastic packaging in the world
Plastic waste takes forever to break down, oceans and earth polluted with plastic toxins. Food stuffs also possible polluted from being wrapped in plastic - I avoid milk in plastic as it tastes bad to me.
Environmentally friendly
To stop polluting the sea and to have the choice of not supporting the use of plastic
To save the environment for the next generations.
Less waste and would save time.
Not sure you need an actual aisle. See previous answer.
Because of the amount of pollution and suffering in nature it causes, also on many occasions it is really pointless to have it as you end up throwing it out straight after coming home from the shop.
The amount of packaging on fruit and veg is excessive and so wasteful. It costs money to produce packaging and more money to dispose of it
choice! i would like to have a choice to buy goods in plastic or not, when possible
WE have to stop littering the oceans and land with single use anything and especially plastic.
environment environment environment
Waste of earths petroleum resources, energy consumption (with CO2 emissions) producing plastic, pollution of oceans with plastic killing many fish, turtles etc.
Because it gives the consumer a real choice to shop responsibly and it draws attention to the problem of plastic waste.
In respect to our precious environment! And the future of the Earth.
I would like the choice to buy sustainability
Cut down on the damage to our planet particularly our oceans and marine life.
We can't afford to keep polluting the environment the way we are
for a better planet and a clean ocean for our future generations
Because plastic pollutes
"In the UK it is estimated that 5 million tonnes of plastic alone is being used every year, and over a third of this is used for packaging. A Green Paper released by the European Commission in March of this year drew attention to the fact that in 2008 nearly half of all plastic waste generated in the European Union was sent to landfill (48.7%). There is also a large amount of plastic that doesn’t end up being recycled or sent to a landfill, but ends up polluting the natural environment. One particularly harrowing example is the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’, a gigantic mass of plastic and other waste materials that has formed gradually as a result of oceanic currents. 

Given these facts it is crucial that we drastically decrease our plastic consumption. Having a plastic free aisle will hopefully encourage consumers to by plastic free items and therefore reduce the demand for plastic and the amount of non-biodegradable waste going to landfill."
To cut down on massive amounts of waste and help environment, particularly wildlife.
The amount of plastic waste is ridiculous!
Because we are producing waste quicker than we are able to recycle it, or are able to contain or dispose of it safely
Reducing reliance on plastic, reducing plastic waste, encouraging oeople to use refillable containers if practical.
We do our shopping and everything we buy from the cartons to the containers we buy are used and into the bin its just awful that this happens. It is super important for the environment that we do something to replace plastic completely.
It will help us to fight pollution of our beautiful planet
Reduces my impact on the environment and reduces landfill.
Because it will make shopkeepers, consumers and, if widespread, manufacturers think about packaging
Plastics are hazardous to the environment virtually on degradable etc, etc. Recently saw 4 pears for sale within 3 levels of packaging all plastics. I didn't buy them, in fact didn't even buy those which were in a smaller plastic bag. I think I could be a win for the supermarkets and suppliers in cost feduction. I really don't understand the rationale for 3 layers of plastic packaging, would be very interested in listening to it.
It won't have plastic in it
To prevent the damage it is causing to birds, animals and fish around the world.
plastic takes so long to break down, it ends up in the ocean harming sea life it covers our streets as litter theres just too much of it everywhere
We have way too much packaging in Ireland
It gives you a choice. Right now there is a very limited number of products available that's not wrapped in tons of plastic.
We need to move away from using plastic to package goods. It causes pollution at every stage, from manufacture to disposal. There is also some concern about chemicals from plastic leaching into food. Plastic is an oil based product and therefore unsustainable. Alternatives have to be found.
Reduce recycle costs. Aldi & Lidl plastic not recycleable
primarily for health reasons- environmental too.
Obviously to help environment
Too much waste which is bad for the environment. People don't always recycle stuff that can be actually recycled or they don't know what can be recycled - maybe this should be advertised in shops as well and maybe where they can recycle waste.
Less plastic = less landfill, less pollution, less toxins
same as above. good for the environment, wildlife, less waste less pollution of oceans
It may raise awareness on the amount of packaging there is and result in people opting for less
So much of it is unnecessary, costly but most importantly suffocating the planet
There is already too much unnecessary plastic packaging in stores
plastic contaminates high proportion of supermarket food
I hate plastic
Reduce plastic waste which does not biodegrade
Our beautiful planet is drowning in plastic. We need to start changing our ways.
There is an unbelievable amount of plastic in the world, and the vast majority is ending up in the sea, causing havoc and pollution
The amount of wrapping that is being used is scandalous.
Plastic is made from oil so it uses up that limited resource. It does not degrade but pollutes our land and seas and is a dreadful menace to wild life. When burned it gives off very toxic fumes.
Every shopper who starts to use less plastic is a step forward for the planet
Plastic takes too long to biodegrade and degenerates with recycling. The world and environment would benefit from using less plastic
There is far too much plastic waste on this planet.
it saves lots of wasted energy
Can take up to 500yrs to degrade, chemicals leech into soil and has to be a limit to landfill sites, the planet is not large enough. Plastic litter a danger to wildlife both on land and in oceans. Bad for our health, leeched chemicals from plastic bottles. Process of both making and recycling plastic has adverse environmental effects.
for our planet. We produce an overwhelming amount of waste. It is an enormous problem that people are turning a blind eye to.
To reduce the amount of non-recyclable packaging generated by foodstuffs.
It is essential for reducing the amount of redundant plastic packaging that ends up killing wildlife or is dumped into the ocean.
Because plastic is killing us
Because plastics are environmentally unsound - they are not biodegradable and they end up in the oceans, doing damage to sea life
Less waste, better for the environment.
Do you want to eat plastics in your food?
There is far too much unnecessary plastic on the planet which is bad for the environment, wildlife and climate change
We use too much plastic and much of it is not biodegradable. The pollution that it causes is having a very destructive effect on the environment
You dont bring useless Plastic Packaging Home that ends up in the Rubbish Bin and Land Fill. Cause's Pollution to the environment and Wildlife and will never decay.
It is vital that we have a Plastic Free Aisle going forward, as there is no way the planet can sustain the use and disposal of plastic that we are witnessing at the present rate.
Plastic is a huge problem worldwide; especially in the oceans. We should look for other solutions.
We all know the damage plastic is doing, there is simply no need for it. As a 2 person home we through out one full black bin bag a week full of superficial plastic waste. There is too much packaging! Not just plastic, but also polystyrene trays and paper sleeves.
Because at least customers would have a choice and I would hope that it would encourage people and make them more aware of the importance of trying to become plastic free.
Allow customers to consume items that are free from plastic, less pollution, show customers that goods can be purchased without plastic,
To reduce the amount of plastic we are using which can't be recycled, is used once, is a waste of resources and is getting into marine life.
A lot of plastic is bad news... particularly one use plastics like fruit & veg packaging, bottles, cups, cutlery.
Plastic waste is destroying the environment. Everyone should be more aware of the dangers of plastic pollution and do whatever they can to reduce the amount of plastic in the world.
Because it is harmful to human health and the environment.
plastic is so toxic and a non renewable resource. it gives me the option of choice for a better environment
We must stop the madness of filling the planet with plastic that will be here forever
To limit the permanent damage were doing to the earth's natural resources
As a species, we are stealing the future from our children and our grandchildren... This planet cannot cope and supermarkets need to wake up
because we are choking our land, seas, skies, plants, waterways, animals and ourselves with toxic plastic.
It's totally unnecessary to have so much extra packaging and its so bad for the environment. It also costs me extra to dispose of all the extreme packaging!!
Chemicals leach out of plastic. We need to reduce our waste going to landfill.
Too much plastic already on this planet. Single-use plastic should be banned
We need to cut down on the amount plastic we're consuming for obvious environmental reason, and we have to change our mentality we expect far too much convenience at the cost of the planet.
Because plastic is not a viable solution and we should have the chance to buy products, food, produces that don't require unnecessary packaging
Less going to landfill
Reducing waste and being environmental friendly
We generate far too much waste
Pre-packaged fruit and vegetables include too much packaging of plastic and cardboard and styrofoam. It fills the green bin too much. It creates enormous amounts of waste and ultimately isn't biodegradable, causing pollution.
Over usage of petroleum products.
it eliminates pollution/waste for Earth
Because plastic pollutes the earth, and because we as consumers should not have to bear the responsibility of disposing of packaging that is unnecessary and that we did not choose. Food is more appealing and better when it's visible in all its glory. Packaged food contributes to food waste. People lose respect for food when it's packaged - having it be a more tactile and genuine experience will create new relationships with food and have shopping be more of a joy and less of a chore.
Because it is of utmost importance to eliminate if possible the use of plastic which is not only damaging for the environment but also for people's health
Makes it so much easier to be green.
because it is important to show people that plastic is not good and it can be done differently without compromising health and safety
good for the environment. potential risks of food being wrapped in plastic
To make it easier to reduce landfill and materials that use energy to be recycled or in case of Ireland shipped to China to be recycled
so we have a choice not to bring all this excess plastic home in the first place.
We are running out of time in relation to the damage caused by plastics in the environment worldwide, killing wildlife and now infiltrating the food chain
Plastics are destroying marine and land environments, hugely polluting to produce and creating a lot of expense and trouble for people when it comes to disposing it.
Less waste going to landfill and I believe the process of plastic packaging each piece is not good for food
To reduce the waste and to reduce the making of plastic.
Because plastic is going to linger in our environment for thousands of years. It also has a lot of toxins that I don't want leaching into my food and drinks.
Plastic is so damaging to the environment and our health. It's unnecessary.
Because plastic is polluting our environment, especially the waters.
Save the ocean and the air
it kills and chokes animals birds and fish and destroys fertility of soil and takes too long to break down- I find that biodegradable plastics round fruit can rot the fruit as it decomposes so it is not the answer
Show younger generation how the older generation did without years ago.
Environment and fish
Plastic packaging creates so much unnecessary waste and breaking it down is costly and inefficient
"the environment 
There is too much plastic going to land-fill or not being properly recycled (if even recyclable); too much plastic litter in our waterways, streets, hedgerows. It would bring awareness to the average shopper who may not have environmental concerns - plastic free shopping is available in many organic shops but not in mainstream supermarkets where the average consumer shops
Environment - less fossil fuel usage, less plastic choking wildlife, eg turtles.

Would you be more loyal to a store that had made genuine serious efforts to give plastic free options?

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If Yes, why would you be more loyal to that store?

it raises awareness of plastic volumes produced
The Planet, Mother Earth, and all of us need it desperately, especially our poor, suffering oceans
Less pollution better of the environment
Cos it starts with one aisle and when its successful more will follow and then that will become the new norm.
To be able to clearly choose to buy them
I want to remove all single use plastic items from my life
There is too much waste
As above
Our seas are littered with plastic bottles as are our roads. less rubbish basically. Plastic also leaks chemicals.
Plastic pollutes, kills and destroys. Plastic has a long life.
Serious efforts need rewarding
I would not only be happy to support such life-sustaining practices, i would feel a happy obligation to patronize it/them.
Because I would feel my choices made a difference
As I choose a greener lifestyle and want to encourage store participation
Because they're taking proactive steps to protect our future
They are trying to make a difference, to the environment for everyone. I would see them as socially responsible.
My ethics are to protect the environment & the sea from dangerous objects. Plastic causes disaster on the planet
I would imagine that they care about our environment generally and might also respect humans and their choices.
Because it is making a serious effort to do what is right and what I believe in.
It would be just one small contribution I could make to reduce the problem of plastic contamination.
because they are thinking long term about thier environment and not immediate proffits
Because I would consider that the store would be setting a great standard.
Because l woukd see them as a store making an effort and proving it through their actions!
Clearly doing the right thing, suggests that they do the right thing in other areas also.
They are helping the environment, thus saving animals/marine life
it would be a sign that they have strate da commitment to an ipmortant issue
Because it is concerned about the environment
Because they would have shown that they care and want to do their bit to help the environment, and show that the do listen to their customers
At best it would be environmentally aware and acknowledging corporate responsibility at worst sensitive to a marketing more
Yes, indeed
Because it would show positive intent and greater awareness of the planet.
They care about the environment
Because they are being ethical and caring for our planet.
They would be thinking of the bigger picture not just the money now
Because they are doing the right thing
Because I would feel they are making an effort for our environment
The products would most likely be cheaper
I'm committed to reducing waste
Because I approve of the effort
I'm horrified every week when I get home and unwrap all my fruit and veg from individual plastic wrappers. It just creates so much unnecessary waste.
Because I loathe packaging and slready prioritise shops which minimise it.
Because I have had a problem with the amount of unnessary plastic that is used in packeting for sometime now.
Because it is supportive of my desire for society to stop abusing the planet
Because they are helping the planet
Because the store acts on what is important to me
Because it was genuinely trying to help the environment.
They would be demonstrating their commitment to a healthy environment.
The supermarket would be showing that it is concerned about the welfare of people and the planet and not just about their profit.
For making the effort
That store would be meeting my needs
I feel very disheartened about the way in which big supermarket chains conduct business, low pay to suppliers,self service checkouts etc.I feel to introduce a non plastic isle would give me some hope that a business is conducting itself with some level of ethics.
I can choose where to spend my money
because I do not like my shopping bags and rubbish bins filled with plastic packaging
Option not to take products home where packing went straight to landfill
So long as the staff are not snotty and trendy ie rude and the price is good
I would want to support an ethical and sustainable future
To start off it's not going to run smoothly and if a big company are willing to put up with a bit of a loss to start with for the sake of environment and lives, I would definitely be willing to be more loyal to that store.
Because I care for the environment and am saddened to see my recycling bin fill up after a weekly shop. So much food is unnecessarily swathed in plastic I.e. Grapefruit!
Because it would be supporting me to live more sustainably
Anything that makes it easier for the consumer to shop ethically is a good thing
Firstly their prices should come down for less packaging and secondly they are willing to take the risk of paradigm before profit.
As I often wish that items were displayed using less packaging, so if I could find a variety of products using cardboard and paper for wraping, I would certainly shop regularly there
Their awareness
answered already
Because they are taking positive steps towards building a better world instead of just pushing profits
Because it would be in line with my desire to protect the environment
Because I am disgusted by over packaging and will go out of my way to support ventures which provide alternatives.
Because they are making an effort to appeal to environmentally conscious customers
Less waste.
Because I would believe they were taking their impact on the environment seriously and listening to the concerns of their customers.
Plastic packing seems unavoidable but it does bother me
See them as smart
I care about the environment I genuinely would appreciate a store standing up and making a stand on something that affects us all, it's our environment that we all share, the problem is some of us don't care or prioritise it as much as others.
Because I don't want plastic
There trying to be part of the solution.
Because they see the big picture and are ethical
I'd feel like I'd be able to make a decision and recycle
They are listening and attempting to introduce positive change s
It would mean I don't have to worry about the environmental effects of plastic and it would also mean less rubbish in my bin!
Concerned about environment
Already answered above
I often choose not to purchase certain items due to excessive packaging, so if items were not excessively packaged I would have more choice
To support the initiative they would be showing in supporting the environment
Because I like the idea of using less plastic,
I would be loyal to them for making an effort. it shows that they genuinely care about the environment
Because it would show that they have good ethics, & care about customers ethics
I already am. Do all my veg shopping in Peckish, Ennis
Share similar values
I would appreciate the gesture and would be more likely to support a shop that is making a positive change to reduce waste
It should be reflected in lower costs. It should encourage more locally sourced produce which does not require complex individual packaging to make it to the store shelves.
If a stores policies or practices matches my beliefs then I would go out of my way to make sure and do at the very least a part of my shopping there.
If a business shows a commitment to a better future for us all then I would see them as allies.
It's difficult to feel like you make a difference to climate change and pollution but every little change can help if we all do it.
I believe it is crucial to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of plastic
Reward positive ethical behaviour and it would make shopping easier for me as I don't buy products covered in plastic
It would show commitment to preserving the environment
It cares for the environment
All of the reasons mentioned above. I want to have the option to be more responsible in how I and my family consume.
I would be more loyal because the store is making a serious effort to help the environment, as well as making a serious effort to help the Animals that live in the environment.
Shows conscious effort to contribute to world
I would feel they really care about our planet.
Businesses ruin the planet with their greed, for a business to step up and make a difference that would impress
I like to reward places that are conscious of their environmental effect
Less time spent sorting rubbish
I would feel that store was listening to its customers and was showing ethical values.
As a consumer I value choice, in particular the option to make more ethical choices, so I would reward shops that enable me to eaily choose the ethically produced /not packaged goods.
For being environmentally responsible.
Shared ethos
Because they are showing that they are listening to their customers and have some regard for the environment.
I would also imply that I do get better product quality in such a store
Their dedication to saving the environment and their eagerness to reduce their carbon footprint.
It would show that both the consumer the supermarket and the environment benefit by listening to their customers' concerns.
Because we share the same ethics!
I would feel it was a community effort and they care about the planet
Because I am appalled by the amount of plastic I bring home when I shop even though I try to avoid it..
Because it's the best way for the environment which really is the most important issue here.
Because we need leadership on this huge and serious issue and a supermarket/store that addresses their role in damaging our environment would get my loyalty. If supermarkets surveyed their customers on this issue they would find that introducing practices that support our environment is a priority for many of them. It would also force other stores to look at their practices and in turn the FMCGs & suppliers that provide them with goods.
because it would show their commitment to more than just profit
To make my own effort and add it to those made by that store.
There is a lot of choice where I am in Dublin over which supermarket to go to, and I would absolutely be more loyal to a more forward-looking shop. My loyalties at the moment are based on which shop has the most Irish-produced and quality food.
Because of their commitment to get rid of plastic
because it would show that the store is serious about improving the planet
Because I don't like plastic, but it's hard to avoid.
Less waste
I would feel it was more environmentally aware
Because they are caring for the environment and showing leadership on this.
Less packaging saves time at home. It reduces the cost by reducing bin charges.
I want to reduce the amount of redundant plastic in the environment. ANother idea would be that stores made it possible for you to leave the redundant plastic AT the store after you have paid for it. In Germany, this is done regurlarly. In this way the store can recycle the plastic and they get to see how much plastic is redundant.
I would feel better about myself to make conscious decision to use less plastic and proud of the shop that would do it.
Because packaging is harmful to the environment and a waste of resources
absolutely, i would pay more for food that is sold with out plastic packaging or in compostable plastic
Because it was demonstrating a commitment to environmental issues
Because they are working to protect environment.
Because I really want to see a change towards a more waste free society and I would reward the supermarket who is the first to takes action.
I think if everyone made a little change in how they live and the resources they use together that all adds up to something much bigger
More environmentally aware
I care about the environment
because will reflect my views on try to reduce plastic that won't end on our oceans
Because they are supportive of efforts to reduce waste
I would greatly appreciate these efforts and buy the plastic free options.
Because they would be contributing to a better environment
Because I would prefer not to have as much plastic waste, but would the prices be more expensive???
Because it would be clear it has the same ethics and commitment to a cleaner environment as I have.
Ethical/ eco friendly value base
It would show that the stores are making the effort people should make the effort to support this for our environment.
It would be my first choice as I'd feel that the store and I should be working together to help save our planet
Shows they take my concerns re refuse and environment seriously.
Because it is so wasteful and tome apparently unnecessary. Plastics especially in the marine environment are so damaging. We need to limit the petrochemical industry too...climate change.
It's not using plastic
Because they would be helping me and all their customers to stop using plastic.
i appreciate any store that makes an effort for the planet
It matches with my ethics
Because I am living Zero Waste and do not wish to spend my money in shops that don't care about the environment.
I would be more loyal to any store which makes serious effort to run their business in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.
Too much packaging on goods
I don't like eating food that has been stored in plastic nor do i like having so much unnecessary packaging to dispose of.
Because they're making an effort
Less damaging to the environment - the cost and carbon footprint that is needed to produce the plastic packaging in the first place.
The store is making a concious effort to help save the environment.
it shows you care about our future, you are responsible companies, not just for profit
They show their shared concern for the environment
Because I feel I have no choice now and I want to reduce my amount of plastic waste
The store is showing a genuine commitment to the environment
to encourage further sustainability measures
Because they had made genuine serious efforts to give plastic free options?
Waste is an important issue for me. Also how far food has traveled (preference for local food)
I would value their ethics and am committed, myself to using less plastic.
I would feel that their values were more in line with my own
I want to reduce my plastic usage. At present I sometimes cannot buy bananas or carrots except in plastic.
that's a sillt question in the light of the previous ones
Because I would see that they are making a genuine effort to make a change and to be environmentally friendly. I am tired of supermarkets which make claims as being environmentally friendly and wrap almost everything in plastic.
to help them fulfill their ambitions, it;s important to show loyalty
Integrity and principles on earth friendly living
Because it would indicate a genuine environmental commitment
it shouid make the goods cheaper
Its helping the consumer be responsible as well as serving as an example to all commercial enterprises / businesses. I would view this as an 'altruistic' orientated business rather than just profit orientated business.
For caring, and making an effort to tackle this problem. For creating awareness.
Because they care and are innovative
I would rather give my money to a business with a strong interest in their responsibility to reduce their environmental impact.
Because I'm fed up of the amount of unnecessary plastic-especially on things like bananas and thing that have no use of plastic
The store would be more environmentally friendly
Plastic is killing our world. Animals, people, oceans, ect.
Hopefully other stores will follow their lead.
Because I believe in a sustainable and clean environment.
They care about the planet
Because it would help me to have less plastic to bring for so called recycling
I do not want to bring useless Rubbish Home with me.
I would definitely be likely to choose a supermarket that supported less plastic in it's packaging and/or a Plastic Free Isle, once they still managed to keep their pricing competitive.
Of course there would be other considerations as well but now I'm more aware of the omnipresence of plastic I would like to reduce my plastic footprint as much as possible and support businesses that work towards that.
Yes - 100%
Because it would show that they are a caring store.
Because they would be making an effort to put the environment first and thsi would align with my moral compass.
I am trying to reduce the amount of packaging I take home and this would also show an interest in the environment.
They would be making a genuine and innovative effort to do something important for the environment, stepping up and taking responsibility.
Because of what I said above.
Because it would have health benefits and environmentally friendly
they think outside the box and support a cleaner world
They would be showing a commitment to something I care about
I'd know exactly what, when to buy products
If I could buy what I needed plastic free in a supermarket I would return to that shop again
Because it is taking a stand to influence positive change which benefits us all
Because I would appreciate their dedication to caring for the environment and the wishes of their customers.
I want to shop in a local supermarket but not have to deal with all the packaging.
I prefer being able to do all my shopping in one place
I think this is an important issue and I would support the change.
Because I want to support this initiative, I want to by a product not a packaging and I want to reduce my bins!
Shows they care about environment
I will feel they share my values

Do you have suggestions for a Plastic Free Aisle that might help convince supermarkets its a good idea?

If they don't get the good idea they're not worth shopping in
Done well it will be a fabulously popular idea
Clearly defined ares of goods within it
To think carefully about which products lend themselves to it. And to make it as easy as possible for customers to use.
Make that area a fun area with great colours and make it like you are going into a wood to forage.
Reusable shopping bags have made a difference so can reusable fruit and veg containers. Also baskets and similar products are more breathable and can help keep fruit and veg fresh
Paper bags - interactive screen/ video footage of plastic piling up in the sea/ land/ landfill. Problems created by this and the huge threat to planet earth and its wildlife.
Leave all packaging behind after buying and let them have to deal with excess waste!
Try it on a small scale and advertise it well.
Introduce it bit by bit start with breads & cereals then move onto confectionary etc....
Working together to target individual industries and apply pressure on them to change - if Unilever don't have a route to market through the major retailers because they package in plastic, then they will quickly change their packaging.
Perhaps to start - a single wrap of plastic instead of the double wrap used; items can be purchased singlely, tongs like at bread aisles, sell items for one serving, less wastage,
divide into foodstuffs/ household/other - open shelves with pricing
People Power will convince them
I think if it were put together with the press , they would have a lot mor customers
Canvass celebrity eco advocates to open each one and waive fees in return for PR return
There is a trial in a store in Germany whereby they are using a laser stamp to differentiate organic from non organic. I emailed Musgraves a couple of months ago congratulating them on the increase on organic veg but asked why so much plastic. They said it was Consumer preference but seeing as most non-organic is plastic free, I believe it's a warehousing issue to keep them separate so I think the laser stamp would work.
Modernise the old grocery store using chilled compartments for vegetables and fruit
The public wants to do something, do the right thing, but cannot because it is not available
They could put up signs to show that they are doing this for the sake of the environment and make it a green aisle. A lot of consumers are more environmentally conscious these days.
Talk about Ireland 2020 and the annual invoice tax payers Muscat pay the EU for being behind targets. So far we are always behind. We pay for that. Dearly.
Have a look at zero waste websites and get ideas - and see the lengths people are going to
Unfortunately supermarkets don't care. Only way for them to realise it is a problem is for people to start bringing back the plastic to the supermarket for them to dispose of it.
Post photos of how plastic is produced and impossible to dispose of including the massive floating plastic masses in our oceans
Petitions. Proof it saves money.
It reduces supermarket non-recyclable waste and when food expires and can no longer be sold it can be recycled instead of going to landfill thus reducing waste. This is also a good time to make the switch to plastic free aisle because people are (1) used to plastic bag free shopping and (2) people are becoming more and more aware of the need to do their part in reducing waste. Reduction of plastic in supermarkets allow its shoppers to in turn reduce their household waste.
Advertise their aisle with environmentalists & general public. Have displays which would educate shoppers on why we must reduce plastic consumption.
Use paper or card
Reusable shopping bags have been successfully implemented. Could there be re-usable net-type small bags that shoppers can also take to do their shopping and fill with fruit n veg? Maybe it needs to be a gov policy change rather, like with plastic bag levy to force supermarkets to change...
Yes cos they would attract thinking customers
I imagine the lack of plastic could impact on price of products and make them more competitive.People are becoming more health conscious and in turn environmentally conscious a supermarket taking this approach I'm sure would be seen as forward thinking environmentally and socially aware.
It would be a move in the right direction, we need to move on from plastic to biodegradable packaging.
More business
The demand look at zero waste community growing all the time. young people are very interested in it. no good ideas
Be ahead of the curve, be a leader, don't wait for our government to build a sustainable future
I would be inclined to think that plastic free packaging may take up less room. So it may give the supermarket the option of increasing their variety of products.
"I've seen articles about six pack ring holders that are edible for marine animals and packaging made from hemp and other packaging made from some kind of mushroom. The information is out there. 
Profits....... this packaging is probably cheaper than more ...... PLASTIC 
Goodwill from customers - a lot of people actually care about pollution. If a supermarket is seen to make an effort, this will generate goodwill"
I think the large vats of liquid items mentioned above would work well. The vats would have taps on that delived a certain amount into reusable containers supplied by the customer. Or it could be done by weight although that would involve weighing when the container was empty as well which might be difficult
Loose fruit & vegetables with strong paper bags available.
Have it close to entrance, so that the customer will see those items first.
change the judical status!!
"Constant emails/reminders/ youtube clips of destruction of environment.
Ask them for suggestions. lobby IBEC"
Promote and incentivise through cost reductions.
It would look very aesthetically pleasing and even a bit hipster, very trendy and "rustic" ?
People will pay more for a more environmentally friendly place.....any place
Better for environment .less waste. Better for our health
Plastic Free should result in a more colourful display and would be a focal point in the supermarket.
Printed information and alternative packaging
Show posters of plastic islands floating in the ocean
Be different, be innovative. More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious these days so a store that makes a change like this will be noticed and I feel in the long term very respected.
Look at a farmers market....that don't wrap stuff in plastic. Use nothing or paper bags
It would be a unique selling point.
It worked years ago so it will work now. It's more wholesome shoppers will feel they are helping environment so that's a reward for both parties
Because of the amount of non recyclable plastic it has now made its way into our food chain
Profits should improve
I have already indicated, in question 2, what could be in a plastic-free aisle.
More green conscious customers
If they lobby e.u. they could receive financial incentives. ??They will attract customers in certain income bracket. .above all is the right thing to do and p.r. wise it could be invaluable." The Supermarket that cares" etc
Food marketing is all about predicting what customers need before they need it. If a supermarket were to market itself as environmentally friendly and targeted children with this message also, market share could potentially increase
If a supermarket can introduce new initiatives that support a cleaner environment, they will attract those who support this to shop with them. But if the cost of the products in this aisle are higher than the other products, then that can be prohibitive for people already on a tight budget.
Could sell reusable containers also
Most people do not want the unnecessary plastic that is covering items they buy, particularly double plastic wrapped fruit and veg. I would suggest trying on a small scale and I'm sure it would be successful.
Start small. Sell apples without individual labels at a lower cost. Grow the concept from there. Promote the cost-saving dimension as much as possible.
Advertise that you are doing so. Create a suggestion box to encourage feedback and also good ideas about what else could be done to help the environment.
"Include many organic and also recycled products. 
Information/facts about how much plastic or oil you are preventing from going into the sea or landfill
Boxes of loose fruit and veg, help yourself tubs of nuts, seeds, grains etc, maybe cheese in paper packaging/ 100% recyclable material
"See my suggestions above as to how I imagine a plastic free aisle.
Also more people are becoming environmentally aware and so long as items in plastic free aisles are not more expensive people will support a ""greener"" supermarket."
remove all plastic wrapping, where possible, and leave it in the store.
Go to the veg and deli parts of a good local market. Mine is in Glasnevin, people are choosing to buy their veg and produce, with no or minimal packaging.
Profits surely it's cheaper without
My main concern is that all of our fresh produce comes in plastic wrapping. If there was an option to reuse or bring our own or they were in recyclable packaging.
Setting an example is often a great way to increase customers to your store, social media is a great because people chat about all sorts online, your store could be the hottest news circulating social media, could inspire more to follow suit
It may bring i more customers,
The Irish public have embraced the use of recyclable shopping bags. Other countries have followed our example. Plastic free food items is the next step. Be brave, trust your clients, lead the way back to a non polluting, sustainable shopping experience.
Look at marketing strategies. Environmental awards from local town councils, county councils etc, publicity for local newspapers, radio stations etc.
Local producers providing goods regularly ,in a mini market area. Different branding in this area.
single items are what a lot of people want instead of having to buy in bulk because its wrapped in plastic.
Taxation is always an absence by the government
There are already lot of alternative biodegradable packaging solutions available for supermarket use.
As with previous campaigns ie Fair trade Organic Produce, introducing a Plastic Free Aisle will be a 'win-win' for all.
Stocking storage jars/containers for shoppers to buy would make it easier to change initially.. Also maybe trial run it??
customers could bring there one containers to put products in like we bring bags
Paper, reusable containers maybe.
Suggestions outlined above - supermarkets could pilot it by working with their suppliers on sourcing appropriate goods - fruit/veg aisle would be an easy start and then promoting it in-store and seeking customer feedback and ideas for further reduction of plastic packaging. In these days of choice, customer loyalty is important and I think this would have a positive impact on this and their brand, especially if a particular supermarket was seen to lead the way on this.
Have you ever been to a supermarket in France? Fruits and veg are generally sold loose in containers of various size. no extra plastic packaging. less waste. It also reduces food wastage as people buy what they need rather than prepacked quantities. Also supermarkets should encourage and give incentives to suppliers to provide alternative biodegradable or eco-friendly packaging.
Do serious research on the subject, get good examples of stores from other countries that had made the change with sucess.
It would surely save the supermarkets money. Remember the story from Feargal Quinn: a few customers wanted boxes instead of bags, so he provided boxes, and quickly found that it actually saved him a lot of money – he didn't have to bail up as many boxes each day, and also saved on bags – as well as made customers happy.
by putting it in a prominent position with good signage
Reward consumers who don't buy plastic wrapped goods - with bonus points or similar. Using existence of plastic free aisle to promote idea that this store is taking a practical step to protect the environment.
Paper bags
Glass is a good alternative and card for packaging. A lot of people want to change from plastic and don't want it forced on them
It's an opportunity to stand out from the herd.
Introduce a tax on plastic packing, as this would increase the price the supermarket would look at alternatives so as not to lose your business. BAn packing that can't be easily recycled / reused
Once customers are educated on this they tend to be more loyal.
I simply think people would really like and it would increase satisfaction of many of their customers.
Promote loose fruit and veg over packaged I think people prefer being able to choose how many of an item they want instead of buying a packet of a certain number.
this survey is a good idea, i think if they were informed that some shoppers will pay the same or more for food that is sold with out plastic packaging or in compostable plastic
"Students don't need to buy big bags of carrots etc; letting them buy 1-2 would bring them in. And they are the spenders of the future so could become loyal to your shop.
Save money on plastic bags by selling re-usuable bags (ie I have some from onyalife.com)"
i can make better choices easier. environment environmet
Try it as small counter first and see how that goes. Put signs and pictures showing how this protects environment. Remember that 'retro' is fasionable and there are old-fassioned sweet shops (which pack sweets into jars and let you take a few from each) doing very well. Some usually expensive items like nuts could be much cheaper bought in bulk and then let people take a scoop (like Lidl do now).
Apart from the damage to the environment plastic waste is filling up our bins and costing us money. Customers will choose waste free options if they can save money even if they are unaware of the problem of plastic in the ocean.
It would bring supermarkets respect and attract new customers
I would be more likely to give them my business
less expense on packaging and waste management
Start small. Even just a few more unwrapped fruit and veg options or one or two bulk bins with for example pasta and rice would be a step in the right direction.
Vegetables do not need to be in plastic. Yogurt cartons can be made from cardboard. Customers could bring their own containers for fresh meat. Make the store more like a market than a supermarket. Supermarkets need to look at their distribution system. It strikes me that it makes it easier for them to transport products if they are pre-packed.
As above, a hygenic method by which consumers can fill their own containers and/or use recyclable materials for storage.
Will have to think hard about this one. Profit is main motivator for them but ethical brand /corporate social responsibility would also carry weight and potentially boost sales.
Yes the supermarkets who stock the food etc but the buck should originally stop with the manufactures of all the products, laws should be brought in by governments to ban plastic and the effort should be made by manufactures. At the rate we are going the world will end up a giant big landfill.
Perhaps the supermarket could supply reuse return packaging for a small refundable deposit
Fresh fruit and veg, and other fresh food looks miserable and less appetising constained under cling wrap and other plastics.
I think a media campaign, cross generational highlighting the damage caused by plastics in the environment, wildlife damage directly linked to our use of plastics..your plastic bag caused this! Also until recently I have only become aware of all the plastics which are not recyclable, so increased awareness about this might be useful. Might be useful to think how 'plasticlessness" could work in the future with the new forms of shopping look to influence that.
It's smothering our air and oceans
They could make products a little cheaper or extra points or free gift etc.
there would be a lot less rubbish some stores might like to be seen as part of that
It's the way retail is moving; better to be ahead of the curve than behind it.
Make it colourful and inviting for people to attract them.
People are becoming more conscious about waste and about the environment. Customers do not want to support supermarkets which damage the environment.
Goods should be cheaper for them, increasing their profit
no but Im sure they can think of plentt
As above, advertised in shops if a package can be recycled and maybe where they can recycle waste or have collection points in shops - say to hand in a customer service desk
Producer/Company of the extra packaging (as they are the polluters in the first place - "polluter pays principle") should pay for the packaging not the consumer
A green aisle with health foods and fruit and vegetables with no plastic.
you can show the ways in which your co is leading the way in this. advertise it. get kids involved, and schools. you are educating people esp the young
Everyone (in Ireland) switched very quickly and easily to the plastic bag charge.
Cheaper? It's the right choice! Greener.
great majority of shoppers are now aware of enviromental imperative
It means I won't rip the plastic of products and drop it on their floor
Information leaflets about plastic in the oceans and its effects on wildlife with photos. Most people don't realise the extent of the harm being done.
Just go back to loose fruit and veg and sell reusable bags (I have some that are made for veg, and don't weigh anything, so don't affect the scales)
As a customer I hand back the plastic at the checkout. If more people do this we will put pressure on them as they will be inundated with plastic.
give a small discount on fruit and veg if customer brings own bags.
It would attract more environmentally minded costumers
environmentally friendly
Allowing more choice for the consumer begets profit. Single people often don't buy pre-packed, it would increase the market by reaching this group. Consumers like to pick, fruit n veg, not have it done for them. Plastic often makes products 'sweat', thus reducing shelf life. No use by dates required for loose produce. Less labour involved for packing should result in cheaper bulk buys. A concerned Public would view this as a responsible action and show appreciation by loyalty buying, it generates a 'personal' touch rather than a concern for mass proffit at any cost to the environment.
Surely cheaper than packaged?
I would emphasise the fact that this has been done before on a larger scale to great success in Germany, where an entirely packaging-free supermarket was opened (Original Unverpackt). I would be more likely to shop with a supermarket with a plastic-free aisle, would be more loyal to that business and would recommend them to friends. Of course, I think the ethical reasons should be enough motivation to reduce the amount of plastic packaging too!
More paper bags for fruit and veg. No tubs of fruit, just whole fruit.
Bulk foods
It might help if more customers requested a plastic free area. Or remove plastic packages for the store to recycle which couldadd an additional cost to their operations.
They'd be helping fight climate change. They'd be cutting down packaging costs. They'd attract niche customers
Buy in bulk, this will cut down on the cost of separate containers and increase profits. Also it is a really great selling point
Sell loose Fruit and Vegetables by quantity and by weight. Have a small scales for weighting produce. Dont sell goods like Hardware in very Hard Plastic wrappers, preferably use Paper or Cardboard instead that will decay.
If a Plastic Free Aisle is a 'work in progress', one good immediate place supermarkets could start, is STOP USING SO MUCH PLASTIC FOR FRUIT & VEG - it is so over the top and unnecessary.
They should advertise this big time, invite local schools to do projects with the students to come up with alternative solutions and see any significant improvements as newsworthy.
marketing it as a Plastic Free Aisle would attack attention and this would perhaps persuade customers to buy from this aisle.
See above answer as to how I see a plastic free aisle.
Because it is what people want, there would be less waste, less plastic needed to be recycled.
Discounts for those who bring there own containers
Start with fruit and veg. Move to meat and cheese counters. Look in particular at the extra packaging around items eg 3 for 2. Look at local producers who supply food loose or in glass. Stop buying fish in plastic trays. Have reusable trays available for ready made meals. Stop putting cakes in plastic, use boxes
It's an opportunity to be creative, change the shopping experience, encourage creative thinking and free choice.
Surely less packaging would mean that they could lower the prices and sell more?
If more customers express their desire to reduce packaging and stop purchasing food with excess packaging.
Zero waste is catching on and growing. It would be smart marketing to be the first to create plastic free aisles. All over Europe there are zero waste supermarkets except in Ireland
I know alot of people who would be in favor of this and would support the change too!
It's a new trend, in France these aisles or even full shops go plastic/packaging free and that would show they care (about environment, customers, producers) and are modern and be the first to go that way (good publicity "first shop to go plastic free aisle in all Ireland!")
Less waste. Lower cost to shops and customer s
It's important for their costumers
Maybe offer paper bags for carrying fruit and veg instead of plastic. Pre-packed is usually more expensive for the consumer. Convenience isn't everything. Re plastic drinks bottles, reintroduce the old system of refunding small amount of money for returning glass bottles!
get schools involved somehow ... tokens, prizes, kids can lead he way
Listening to your customers and giving them choice makes them more loyal. Giving loyalty points to those who use the plastic free aisle (e.g. those who use their own containers) will encourage repeat custom. The Zero Waste movement is growing and extremely loyal - those who use the plastic free aisle WILL tell their friends about it. People are willing to spend a little more for the choice they prefer and once they feel they are being catered to, they are less likely to shop around.
It reflects well on them as they show their commitment to the environment. If people are allowed to bring their own containers this may result in less expenses for them as well.
start with loos fruit and veg and dry goods like pulses and grains in containers
consumer feedback.Look at other initiatives in other countries
See answer to question 2. Arrange scales so that people can bring own containers and not charged for weight of container
Start with the fruit and veg section then build on that.
Rather than just an aisle a 'market style' section would be more appealing to include fruit/veg, breads, nuts and dried fruits , rice, pasta, loose to be weighed or in bamboo/paper bags9
Ppl wouldn't left excessive packing in your bins which means less waste expenses for the store
It could increase profit as they could buy bulk items without the packaging which can cost more. It could also increase profit as they could market themselves as helping the environment and therefore increase their customer base. I have worked in Supermarkets and Restaurants and like most people, I have a conscience. Seeing all the food and plastic waste every day is horrible. It may make people happier to be an employee there if there was less coming in to be wasted.
It would attract ZW shoppers and open up the eyes of how horrible plastic is to customers who may not be aware of the plastic free movement.
In France and Italy I have found "plastic" bags made from vegetable starches (e.g.maize)
Save on their rubbish too and on their plastic bag bill...they could try and use compost able bags
bonus shopping points more when shop in plastic free- and explanations why doing it on posters
Butter sold in greaseproof like paper, no plastic in cereal boxes, recyclable brown paper bags for fruit/veg/bakery items/fresh cakes etc. Bring back bottles for milk/juice that can be brought back and maybe given 5 cent discount if returned to shop. THis worked well years ago ...returning beer/mineral bottles.
Look up a plastic free shop in Totnes Devon Uk
It would be a space saver, environmentally friendly and offer customers a new way of buying their products.
"Green friendly store may bring more customers"
Bulk buying would have to be [I think!] cheaper. Less waste (a huge cost) for the supermarket - do they take the produce out of the plastic wrappers and dispose of it in separate bins? I'd be surprised if it didn't all just end up in landfill.
Highlight environmental issues